WeatherHawk 600-Series Firmware and OS (CR200X.Std.04.a43)

To check the WeatherHawk OS and data logger program you must use a PC to communicate directly with the weather station.

If you are doing a general update of your firmware for other reasons, DO NOT USE this OS and Program if your WeatherHawk has been modified for a special application, or if it connects to a WeatherTalk system. For modified WeatherHawk system OS and program updates contact WeatherHawk Technical Support directly.

To determine your OS and Program versions follow these steps:

  1. Close all programs on your PC and connect directly to your WeatherHawk weather station RS-232 serial port.
  2. If you haven’t downloaded Device Configuration Utility data logger communications program, please go the our website Select Support and then Downloads. Select WeatherHawk Device Configuration Software’. Download, unzip the file and install on your computer.
  3. On the DevConfig WH software menu sidebar select WeatherHawk
  4. Select the communications port
  5. Select Connect
  6. Select the Data Monitor tab at the top and select the Status table on the left. You will see the name OSversion.
  7. The current OS Version should be: CR200X.Std.04.a43
  8. The current Program Version should be: WH600 V19