Home Automation

How WeatherHawk works in home automation.

WeatherHawk is Intranet and Internet ready and has a range of OEM developed drivers for the leading home automation control systems.

Architects, planners, builders and home owners agree – home designs must provide owners maximum control of interior space. The Award Winning WeatherHawk, with its suite of seven sensors, support that level of homeowner control by providing external environment information for control features only now being considered by “Smart Home” designers.

Only micro-climate measurements are suitable for control applications. Internet-derived weather information lacks the resolution or timing required for control system input. Your WeatherHawk will sense wind speed and direction, outdoor air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure, and rainfall. This real-time weather data can directly feed to both your home computer and a home automation system that manages your home.

Whether the home owner is there or away, a WeatherHawk linked home automation system can control or monitor:

  • Wind speed and direction to
    • close storm shutters and retract awnings during high wind
    • shut-off of sprinklers, irrigation systems, and fountains in high wind
    • to modulate ventilation system fresh air intakes – for air quality and dust control
  • Outdoor air temperature and relative humidity for
    • for HVAC optimizers and energy conservation
    • to modulate walkway heaters that eliminate ice hazards
  • Solar radiation to
    • control exterior lighting systems
    • close or modulate window coverings and awnings – for energy conservation and UV management
  • Barometric pressure to
    • Provide storm alerts
  • Rainfall as an interface to irrigation system shutoff inputs

With its high-quality industrial-grade sensors, WeatherHawk meets the demand for accurate and reliable performance.


Education: How WeatherHawk Works

Kids don’t want to just look at charts of wind and rainfall data. The whole point of studying weather is to understand how it affects us and the environment around us. A wireless, solar powered WeatherHawk weather station brings environmental science alive for today’s Internet-savvy kids. Read more to understand why!

Integral weather data logger:

With its integral data-logger, the WeatherHawk weather station will collect, store and transmit sensor data to a classroom host computer; or even the school’s network server, where all classes can view and analyze it at an age-appropriate level. Students are involved in the learning process when they monitor real-time changes in the weather and experience collecting and analyzing it themselves.

PC or Mac Weather Station Software

WeatherHawk weather station software is available for both IBM-compatible Windows operating system PC’s, or for Apple computers with OS X.

Software is designed to work with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

WeatherHawk software allows for sophisticated data management, but it’s simple enough for even very young children to work with. With a WeatherHawk weather station, your school weather study programs can become even more exciting for students.

Network Enabled:

WeatherHawk software licenses (PC-Windows or Mac OS X) are linked to your WeatherHawk, not the host computer; so install WeatherHawk software on every computer in the school network. This unique software license feature enables every classroom to share data from a single WeatherHawk weather station without requiring an expensive site license, or separate single user licenses for each classroom computer.

School Weather Webpage:

The WeatherHawk XP/X software will support a weather web page. Your school can display a real-time weather web page or incorporate it into your existing school website. This allows you to provide weather data access throughout the district, community, transportation department, athletics department, online campus, etc., the possibilities are endless.

GLOBE Program Configured – Globally Linked:

WeatherHawk weather stations are GLOBE program approved. WeatherHawk XP/X software automatically formats and logs the data for user export to the GLOBE program.

GLOBE works for the advancement of hands-on, inquiry-based studies for the environment and the earth. GLOBE is an international exchange of weather knowledge that brings together the children of more than one hundred countries. Is “your” school a GLOBE Program school?

For Students, GLOBE provides the opportunity to learn by:

• Taking scientifically valid measurements in the fields of atmosphere, hydrology, soils, and land cover/penology-depending upon local curricula

• Reporting their data through the Internet

• Creating maps and graphs on a FREE interactive web site to analyze data

• Collaborating with scientists and other GLOBE students around the world More information about GLOBE is available at: www.globe.gov.

Students are excited by involvement in large-scale programs like GLOBE, and take pride in making a contribution. There is a GLOBE provided WeatherHawk atmospheric data collection protocol, so WeatherHawk equip schools can become officially involved with this exciting Federally funded program.

Consider a GLOBE configured WeatherHawk weather station for your school!

Emergency Management

Weather Stations for Public Safety/Emergency Management

To help contain natural disasters or man-made ones, firefighters, police, emergency medical workers, and government officials must track conditions in the vicinity of an emergency. WeatherHawk weather stations can be a vital part of modern public safety equipment and can be set-up on site in less than 15 minutes by one responder wearing full protective equipment.

WeatherHawk meets the requirements of first responders with a cost-effective, easy-to-use weather monitoring and data logging system. Available at preferred Federal Government pricing under EPA BPA #EP09W000552.

  • WeatherHawk-Pro software is CAMEO/ALOHA compliant (NOTE: Specify 2 sec scan update program at the time of order).
  • WeatherHawk is lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to move into remote or treacherous areas.
  • WeatherHawk doesn’t need to be placed near a power source because the system is battery powered and can operate for up to 4 days without an external power source. An optional solar panel enables unlimited operation in remote areas or where electrical power is not available.
  • The wireless WeatherHawk can operate independently at a distance of a line-of-sight range up to ½ mile from the base computer, ensuring the safety of personnel. Optional high gain directional antennas can increase that range to over 7 miles under most conditions.

Portability, quick installation, rugged construction, automatic data storage, and Internet compatibility make WeatherHawk the choice for first responders with limited equipment budgets and minimal time to train on special equipment. , save property, save lives. Choose WeatherHawk.


Weather Stations for Hospitality/Leisure

If you manage a hotel, bed & breakfast, private club, resort, vacation rental, tourist attraction, sports team, or any leisure end point property, a WeatherHawk weather station can provide your guests with the local weather information they need both before and after they arrive.

Weather-reporting services can help the public with long-distance travel planning, but they can’t tell your guests about the local weather conditions at your site. Leisure-activity consumers want accurate, up-to-the-minute data about the weather at their destination, not at the nearest government weather-monitoring site.

So if the powder is coming down fast and thick at your ski resort, if your marina is experiencing steady winds, if the sun is out and the beach is inviting, you can let visitors know with a WeatherHawk weather station.

The WeatherHawk software license is linked to your WeatherHawk, not the host computer; so you can install it on every computer on your network to display weather information from a single weather station. The WeatherHawk can automatically stream information to your website for guests, or potential visitors to read. If you connect a WeatherHawk to a webcam, they can even log on and see the conditions for themselves.

Flying, hang gliding, ballooning, horseback riding, boating, swim teams, and racing clubs, amateur and kids’ sports teams, and fishing tournaments all need up-to-the-second weather data. People taking part in competitive outdoor activities—running marathons, biking, road races or competitive fishing—need accurate weather information to assure maximum enjoyment. For serious sportsmen—hunters, back-country skiers, and riders—precise weather data can make the difference between a weekend of “agony or ecstasy.”

The WeatherHawk weather station is a versatile, site controlled marketing tool for travel and leisure end destinations.


Weather Stations for Agriculture

Today’s farms are efficient, high-tech businesses managed by educated professionals, success depends largely on meeting the challenges of the weather. From the 200-acre family dairy operation to the multi-section corporate farm modern agriculture demands precise real-time weather data.

Most Internet-based weather services get their information from government or private weather networks. Some attempt to adjust the data for regional variations, but the data is usually accurate only where the measurements took place. Local terrain, soil, buildings, bodies of water and other variables can dramatically influence air temperature, humidity and wind patterns. The data you get on the Internet may be a poor representation of conditions in your locality.

A WeatherHawk weather station on your farm gives site-specific weather data, in real time, at a cost-effective price—data you can count on when you’re making critical management decisions. You can monitor the micro-climates on an extensive property by using more than one WeatherHawk wirelessly linked to a single host PC.

Satisfy both your agricultural management needs and your public information requirements for regional weather with an accurate, reliable, fully automatic WeatherHawk weather station!


Weather Stations for Enthusiasts

With its high-quality sensors and automatic data management features, WeatherHawk is the tool for the real weather enthusiast. Reliable, accurate, and easy to use, WeatherHawk lets you stop thinking about your equipment and start enjoying the study of the weather.

WeatherHawk is unique among home weather products because it has rugged industrial grade sensors, an integrated data logger, and spread-spectrum radios (wireless versions) that are normally found only with professional and industrial weather stations.

WeatherHawk’s quality is assured with high level manufacturing processes, to protect your investment and ensure years of consistent performance.



Weather Stations for Industry

WeatherHawk’s ease of installation, low maintenance requirements, automatic data storage and management, and internet compatibility make it a cost effective choice for industrial concerns, or municipalities that require real-time, location-specific weather information.

Most internet based weather services get their information from publicly available sites that are maintained by the government, or by private weather networks. Some apply forecasting algorithms to adjust that data for regional variations but in most cases, the data is only accurate at the location of the measurement system.

Geological formations, large buildings, the proximity of a large body of water can dramatically change the air temperature, humidity and wind patterns within a very short distance. For real accuracy and reliable planning, WeatherHawk offers site specific weather data, in real-time at a cost effective price. Your business or public agency can add real-time weather information, integrated with a Webcam to your website as a local public information resource.

WeatherHawk is easy to install, versatile, fully configured, and ready to use upon delivery. When purchased in the powerful wireless, solar powered configuration, the system can be sited at the best location for monitoring a micro-climate of choice because the radio range is up to 1/2 mile between the weather station and the display computer. Range to seven miles is possible using an optional directional antenna.

WeatherHawk is reliable because it is manufactured with rugged industrial grade sensors and powerful spread spectrum radios (wireless versions) that are normally found only with professional and industrial weather stations. WeatherHawk spread spectrum radios are available in three public use frequencies, enabling unlicensed use at most locations around the world. WeatherHawk’s quality is assured with high-level manufacturing processes, such as conformal, coating the electronics. This process protects your investment and ensures years of reliable service. In addition, all sensors that are subject to wear over time are plug-in replaceable, pre-calibrated components, enabling local maintenance and repair.

WeatherHawk’s software is versatile and can be internet enabled with an integrated Website Builder feature so that you can post system data on any website for public or private access via the Internet or intranet.

Satisfy both your data archiving and public information requirements for regional weather with an accurate, reliable, fully automatic WeatherHawk weather station!