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WeatherHawk-Pro for PC-XP or Mac OS X is an easy to use weather data display application. It provides all weather station set-up and real-time graphic data display features, data logging and archiving, GLOBE Program data export features, Internet weather page website builder, and a FREE log-on to a major weather data display service.

Auto-installs into the native OS of the Host computer (PC-XP or Mac-OS-X **now compatible with Catalina**)

This software is multi-lingual and user configured for a number of data display languages.

Ships on one CD as a retrofit to existing WeatherHawk weather stations, or as Original Software for new systems.
VisualWeather for WeatherHawk:
Visual Weather for WeatherHawk Software – multi-site, single host Professional Version. This software allows you to create reports, view real time data, check the collection status of the station, manage the weather station network, and export data.