WeatherHawk 240 Signature Wireless Weather Station (Contact us about ordering this product!)


WeatherHawk 240 is a wireless Signature Series weather station with 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radios for communication up to 1/4 mile LOS (line of sight) to a host computer. WeatherHawk 240 weather stations are preconfigured with sensors to measure wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation and rainfall. All optional user software selections enable display of sensor information and easy radio set-up. (NOTE: 2.4 GHz MHz radios are for use in most countries worldwide excluding Europe. Check regulations regarding use in your region).

Choose from a variety of configurable WeatherHawk weather stations by selecting from the items below to custom configure a weather station for your installation. Solar or AC power, communication cables and isolation, internet/web interface, various mounting hardware options, & software upgrades are available.

Choosing the Right Frequency

The various frequencies are specifically licensed for use in various countries. All frequencies are licensed within the Americas, with the 916 (916 MHz) being preferred due to its greater range.

The Signature Series wireless systems also have an RS232 serial data I/O located on the bottom of the weather station, which can be used as a second serial communications port, or for programming and testing the system, or for direct data downloads using a PC or PDA.

Various external antenna configurations are available for these wireless systems that can extend their LOS (line of sight) range from ½ mile for 900 MHz systems, to over 7 miles; and from ¼ mile for 2.4 GHz systems to over 3 miles. Call for additional information: 1-866-670-5982.