Home Automation

WeatherHawk provides installation ready weather stations for integration with all major home automation systems. WeatherHawk weather stations are available from home automation system dealer/installers who can fully integrate them using OEM developed and maintained drivers and data display components.


WeatherHawk weather stations offer innovative technology for teaching weather in the classroom. Schools today teach about the environment as part of broadly based science curriculum. However, using static charts and collecting data using antiquated methods can stifle a student's interest. Science today emphasizes the data, data quality and application of...

Emergency Management

Today's public safety personnel are facing unprecedented challenges and need all the technological assistance they can get. To help contain natural disasters or man-made ones, firefighters, police, emergency medical workers, and government officials must track conditions in the vicinity of an emergency. The WeatherHawk can be a vital part of...

Other Solutions

WeatherHawk offers weather stations for a wide variety of general purpose industrial and consumer applications. Choose your application here: Hospitality Leisure Agriculture Enthusiasts Industry Can't find your application in the list. Contact us to let us help you configure a station for your needs.


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