SM-28 Skymaster Wind/Weather Meter

Skymaster allows you to track weather in the palm of your hand! Radio/TV reports cover a large area, but Skymaster's data is specific to your location. Unlike other units, the jackknife case gives you the most accurate measurements--your hand's heat/moisture won't influence the environmental sensors. The Honeywell humidity sensor and the Swiss-made barometer can be easily re-calibrated and the unit has a weather alert if the barometric pressure rises or falls 6 millibars over 3-hrs. Skymaster can be tripod mounted using the optional tripod mounting fixture. SM-28 wind meters are designed with a wind speed accuracy of better than +/- 3% and have a 2-Year warranty.

SM-28 Handheld Wind Meter Features:

  • Wind Speed
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Chill
  • Dew Point
  • Altitude
  • Heat Index
  • Displays current, maximum and average wind speed
  • Water resistant and floats

Accessories for SM-28 Skymaster Wind/Weather Meter

Desert Camo Carry-Along Case

Desert camo windmeter carrying case.

Include $18.99

Jungle Camo Carry-Along Case

Jungle camo windmeter carrying case.

Include $18.99

Black Carry-Along Case

Black windmeter carrying case.

Include $18.99

Yellow Carry-Along Case

Yellow windmeter carrying case.

Include $18.99

SkyMate/SkyMaster Impeller

SkyMaster replacement impeller.

Include $15.25

Tripod Adapter

The tripod adapter enables attachment of any standard tripod to the SM-18, SM-19 and SM-28 wind me...

Include $5.00